Handmodels and feetmodels

Beyond the “classic” models, the Milan Model Agency specialized in the last few years in the research of handmodels and feetmodels .

We have an accurate selection of handmodels, perfect for any type of advertising.
You can admire their perfect hands in the advertising campaigns like Breil, Coccinelle,
Kiko, Furla, Lancel, Diego from La Palma, Dodo, Roberto Coin, Nespresso, and many other prestigious brands with whom we have had the opportunity to collaborate.

The characteristics of the hand models?
Long, straight and tapered fingers with small knuckles. The wrist should be tight, without excessive veins. The skin tone is important, without scars, tattoos or wrinkles. The healthy and resistant nails, with a regular shape, of rosy color, with a uniform and smooth surface.
Beyond the handmodels, our agency provides the so-called legs&feet models .

The defining feature of the legs&feet models is obviously the leg and the foot. The feet models are required for photo shoots of socks and shoes, or to advertise any type of article concerning fashion and the care of our legs and feet.
One of the most important characteristics for this type of model is the size of the shoes she wears. 37 is the favorite number, as the sample of the major brands of footwear is 37.

The feetmodel has a small, narrow foot, thin and straight fingers, healthy nails, with a regular color, with a uniform and smooth surface. Obviouslyi without the veins, the calluses and any other imperfection typical of the feet.

The legs are lean and lon, with thin ankles and a smooth,uniform and without imperfections skin.

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