Finding the perfect model can be very difficult sometimes, that’s why we will be happy to propose you the most interesting professional models, selected following client’s specific requests – no matter what kind od model :
– Runway models, the so-called catwalk models, with an height of 178 cm minimum and a size of 40 maximum;
– Showroom models, with an height that starts from 173 cm and a size that can reach also the 42;
– Fitting models, chosen on the basis of precise measures needed by our clients;
– Beauty models – perfect skin, without imperfection, symmetrical face features .
– Hand models – particularly beautiful hands.
– Curvy models, with explosive sizes but a proportioned and beautiful look;
– Lingerie models, with more prosperous shapes compared to runway models, gorgeous face

All our models got a stunning look. They are chosen and prepared to be professional but also to be able to get out their personality while they are working.
On request, there is the possibility to organize a casting in our agency. The casting is of course, free of charge.

Our different kind of models can fit different kind of jobs that fashion industry offers. If you are searching a professional figure, Milano Model Agency will search and propose the perfect model for your need: showroom models, fit models, curvy models, beauty models, lingerie models, hair models, hand models, catalogues and look book models.